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A new Pentagon study shows that t Base San Antonio tallied more sexual assault reports over the past several years than any other t base installation in the Defense Department, with cases from through The report tracks sexual assault claims by installation, which a former Air Force prosecutor said appears to be a first.

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It examined two types of claims filed by people who say they are sexual assault victims, but it did not break out the statistics by each base in San Antonio. t Base Lewis-McChord in Washington state had the next highest of reports at the combined installations, with In all, 2, reports were filed over the four-year period ending in the fiscal year at the t bases, which were created by a base closure commission. Naval Station Norfolk in Virginia had the worst single-base record, with 1, reports.

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Fort Bliss had sexual assault cases. Henry Cuellar, D-Laredo, said Saturday. As cases of sexual assault roil the world of entertainment and politics since women spoke out against movie producer Harvey Weinstein, U. Senate candidate Roy Moore of Alabama and U. The Defense Department said it had decided to release the information, citing requests for the base-by-base reports.

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Nate Galbreath, deputy director of the Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Office, cautioned that reports filed at one base may be for an incident that occurred elsewhere. The latest s suggest that training bases, where young and relatively low-ranking troops are found in large s, are the most likely to see restricted and unrestricted reports filed.

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Most Air Force bases had relatively low s. Don Christensen, president of Protect Our Defenders, which advocates for assault and sexual assault victims.

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The scandal at t Base San Antonio-Lackland, which helped launch a congressional investigation, saw 35 military training instructors investigated for assaults and harassment of 69 recruits and technical training students and led to a commander-directed investigation. One instructor, who was given 20 years for rape and later committed suicide in prison, was known for intimidating recruits.

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That power imbalance was at the core of the scandal. New rules put into place giving recruits opportunities to report instructor misconduct later drew complaints from some military training instructors.

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The San Antonio Express-News, in breaking the scandal story, also documented repeated cases of retaliation against assault victims, failure to provide legal and medical support for them, and dismissal from the service on dubious grounds after they reported abuse. At Fort Hood, a former advocate for sexual assault victims recruited three young female soldiers into a GI prostitution ring.

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Nearly 60 percent of sexual assault victims said they faced some form of retaliation ina figure that has varied little over six years. The estimated total of troops in all services who were assaulted, based on a biennial Pentagon survey released last year, dropped to 14, from 26, in Defense officials also said the percentage of victims who say they reported has almost tripled since Just cases went to trial in fiscal yearhe said, with ending in a guilty verdict.

That was down from cases that went to trial inwith ending in convictions.

In those years, the of unrestricted reports remained almost identical — 4, in and 4, last year. Walker is accused of sexually assaulting 10 basic trainees, with charges ranging from rape and aggravated sexual assault to obstructing justice and violating rules of professional conduct. If convicted, he could be sentenced to life imprisonment.

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t Base San Antonio had the most, at Swift is one of 53 female instructors in the Air Force. As part of the recommendations from an investigation stemming from numerous cases of sexual assault, new procedures and implementations have been started or put into place at Lackland.

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One of the new policies include having one female trainer on each team like Swift. A widening sex scandal has rocked Lackland Air Force Base in Texas, one of the nation's busiest military training centers, where four male instructors are charged with having sex with, and in one case raping, female trainees.

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Mone John L. Don Christensen is seen in his office at Protect Our Defenders PODa national organization solely dedicated to addressing the epidemic of rape and sexual assault in the military, in Washington. The Pentagon is relying on information it won't make public to dispute an Associated Press investigation that found the military misled Congress about sexual assault cases to blunt support for Senate legislation.

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AP's investigation centered on internal military records obtained last year through the Freedom of Information Act by the advocacy group Protect Our Defenders. Relatively few sexual assault cases actually go to trial each year.

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The Air Force Academy, by comparison, was much higher, at San Antonio Police say Joey Gomez, 21, who authorities say shot at law enforcement at least five times. East Side pastor shares food, blankets, blessings.

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Libraries Without Borders expands internet access in S. By Vincent T. Davis, Vincent T Davis. Woman charged in DWI crash that killed couple, injured four .

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Bexar County K-9 deputy dies unexpectedly.

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